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Awesome Day..! Really a great session “Installation_Fest2K19” with Mr. Madhan bro. Started Linux environment from MINT_OS. He explained the structures and formats between windows and linux. Apart from installation, more valuable points with motivational from Mr. Madhan. He shared his experience which was hard and interesting. We asked some doubts and he solved gently with genuine solutions. Special thanks to all #MDRC_Members for coming from various places and #FSFTN_Members.


Installation_Fest – Planning and Poster_Design

“Execution Phase….” After the formation of MDRC(Madurai_Dindigul Revolution Creators) the Linux_OS “Installation_Fest” was planned to get started with Linux environment. Mr. Balaji and Mr. Madhan approached various places for the fest. They concentrated more for better and reachable location, which should be comfortable for everyone. Finally they fixed @Dindigul for the fest. MDRC members created posters and shared among various groups.  The main theme was #Open_to_all.

MDRC – Initiation

Happening is all for a reason..! After meeting FSFTN (Free Software Foundation Tamil_Nadu) and team, we (students from madurai and dindigul) approached them with excitement and confusions. As per our excitement and confusion level, Mr. Kamal bro responsed well and then started collaborating. Our first meeting and discussions to form a glug for MADURAI and DINDIGUL was held @Natham. Various members from FSFTN came and cleared our doubts and more. Then we planned to form a glug, which should be more innovative and energetic. Then our team involved to create a name for our identity with logo. We took 1 week for deciding the name and logo. Finally the name “Madurai_Dindigul Revolution Creators(MDRC)” was created. Special thanks to #FSFTN members for guiding us to obtain some knowledge. We had a great Sync to do something useful to the real world.